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There are days where I feel like I have a lot to say, but at the same time nothing to say – that is, there’s a lot going on, but it’s not necessarily all blog-worthy.

But what I can offer are some insights from others around the interwebs that have got me thinking about bigger and better things than the extraneous situations you inevitably deal with while working on your PhD.

I’m really digging Dave Parry’s (from UT-D) web project, Profound Heterogeneity. He researches text beyond the print age, and if you read the description of the site, he includes some fascinating references to those who say we need to “burn the boat/book” and quit defending a dead industry (print books) and focus on make digital endeavors better than ever.

Miriam Posner’s post for Prof Hacker on the Chronicle online, “Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics,” is a must-read if you are a young academic looking to establish your online presence or want to better control your online image. Her tips are introductory, and you may have heard of some of them before, but I’m betting there’s a least one suggestion that will help you anew.

It’s actually her post that led me to find the site Amplicate – which I will not link to because I do not want to support the site – that I think everyone needs to know about. It’s a beta site that takes information you post publicly – ie. on a blog or Twitter – and amalgamates the information into product reviews. It all has to do with posts that include some kind of sentiment that could be construed into an endorsement or complaint, ie. if you use the word “love” or “hate” in your Tweet, and happen to also mention Overstock, the site will take your Tweet and put it on their site under “Overstock love” or “Overstock hate.” My Twitter name had its own page on the site (!) with several Tweets I’d posted about various products/situations. I’ve since deleted those Tweets on my profile and will be much more careful about what I say in the future – I want to control my image and not have my words misconstrued on a site by some dude who wants to make a million bucks in the social media/tech bubble. (Case in point: I originally titled this post “Link l*ve,” but have since changed it so I can tweet the title of my post without it being appropriated inappropriately.

And for a frivolous link, I’ve just discovered Honey and Fitz, a home decor blog written by a local woman in Raleigh. She has great taste and super organization skills. Her creative and smart posts are just what I need in the morning to gear up for another long day of reading, ‘riting, and running to class.

Blog roundup: Recent interesting links

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I’m currently focusing on finishing the end of the semester, as evidenced by my relative silence on this blog in the last couple of weeks. I’m finishing three seminar research projects and teaching, including grading two essays/student and final exam presentations. In lieu of writing a lame post about how busy I am, I though I’d point you to some interesting posts I’ve come across. I haven’t had time to really write or think about them, but here is some food for thought:

What does it mean to be a digital scholar? Or to teach digital literacy? A survey of the field and where we should be looking next, via Literacy in the Digital University blog.

Hints for job seekers from Dean Dad, a blogger for Inside Higher Education.  

A bright light in the ecoblog world, Worldchanging, is closing its doors.

Steven D. Krause gets honest about a confrontation by a student about his grade.

And, just for fun – or in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of works doing research, like me – Anne Peterson wonders why Americans are so enamored with the Royal family and the newest princess-to-be, Kate Middleton.

What posts have I missed recently? Share with me some of your faves here or on Twitter – @makautry.

Blogs I follow

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Blogs can be such a great resource for me, often leading me to find new books or researchers interested in the same topics that I am. They’ve become critical for me to connect with ideas and current happenings in academia. I have quite a few that I’m following now, but I am definitely open to new suggestions! If you follow someone’s blog and would like to share, please do.

Here are some of the blogs in my Google Reader now:

Environmental Issues
No Impact Man
Pew Climate Blog
Cool Green Science (from The Nature Conservancy)

Academics – Interesting or related to my research
CRDM (shameless plug of my program!)
Indications (blog for Environmental Communication journal)
Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style (what my blog could be some day! AHP is phenomenal)
Just TV by Jason Mittell
Steven D. Krause
To Do: Dissertation

(Note: I’ve decided to officially call myself vegetarian, so I follow these blogs for culinary inspiration. Also because some of the bloggers feature their adorable children.)
Peas and Thank You
Kath Eats Real Food
Oh She Glows

So – who’s out there that I’m not following? What academic has an amazing blog that I am missing the boat on? Please share!