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New job!

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I’ve been quiet on my blog lately, but that has been somewhat on purpose: I spent much of the spring applying for, interviewing for, and now starting my new job! I am the first-ever Director of Thesis and Dissertation Support Services in the Graduate School here at N.C. State. I started on May 15, and have been working full steam ahead on developing the programming and planning for the first year of the position. I’m really excited about the job, fully believe in the mission of the position, and love the people that I work with here in the Graduate School. I feel like I won the academic employment lottery, so to speak.

In the coming weeks, I plan to blog about the position itself — why the university created it, what I’ll be doing, etc. — and also about the job application process. Some people would probably label this an “alt-ac” job, though I do not see anything alternative about it — it is an academic position, requiring research and instruction, plain and simple. (And the labeling of these kinds of positions is probably a discussion for another post right there.) But, I found that as I was applying for the position, there were very few resources designed for academics not looking specifically for a tenure-track position, so I’d like to share what I did to add to the few resources that are out there.

In the meantime, I am also in the home stretch for finishing my dissertation. I decided earlier this year to chase an aggressive completion timeline, which paid off in making me a candidate for and ultimately landing this position. Now, I’m finding it’s very meta to think all day about helping students finish their dissertations, and then go home to have to finish my own. But soon that will not be the case, and I’ll have to find new ways to fill my evenings and weekends!

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

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