Introducing Genre Across Borders (GXB)

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Two weeks ago at the Genre 2012 Conference at Carleton University, our research team officially launched a website that has been under development for over two years: Genre Across Borders [link opens in a new tab]. The goal of our site is to help the wide range of scholars whose work falls under the umbrella of “genre studies” to have an ongoing conversation about work in genre, to maintain connections across disciplinary and international borders. Genre studies does not have an official conference, nor a journal venue, so work tends to be scattered across disciplines and presented at various conferences, but we don’t often get a chance to talk to other genre scholars about our work. Thus, Genre Across Borders (also known as GXB) was born.

The site features a variety of research resources, including overviews of research on genre in variety of disciplines, a bibliography, and a glossary. We’re also collecting web resources on genre and developing a pedagogical section that folks can come to for teaching materials related to genre. The site is open to any and all genre scholars across the world. All content is Creative Commons licensed.

Do you do work in genre studies? Sign up now! 
If you’d like to be a part of the GXB community, it’s pretty easy. Head over to our website, create a user account, and start using the site!  While the development team has initially populated the site with content, and continues to be responsible for handling technical issues, the growth of the website and community moving forward will be user-based. We think the content should be driven by what the user base is looking for, rather than what our development team thinks up.

What can you do on the site?
There are a few parts of the site that you can begin to contribute to immediately.  Check out our Bibliography, with over 450 current items, and add citations that we don’t currently have. If you’re a published author, and we already have your work listed there, you can make our database even better by linking to a pre-print version (if your text is copyrighted, you might host a pre-print version on your own site) or a link to the published version (if it’s open access, perhaps to the journal’s website) for users to go to if they’d like to be able to read your work immediately.

We’re also developing a glossary of genre-related terms, but we need your help to make it a more robust glossary. Don’t see a term there that you think belongs there? Add it! To create a new glossary term, just click on “Add Term” (you must be registered and sign in to do so), and then include the definition, a citation for that definition, and an example of the term’s use. That’s it! And be sure to give yourself credit for doing so in the “Contributed by” field. You can also edit a current term, for example, if you know the original use of a term that’s already been defined.

You can also use the forums to network with other users on the site. Hosting an upcoming conference that genre folks should know about? Post the CFP! Have a general question for any and all genre scholars? Post it!

Our newest feature is site-wide tagging! These will be completely crowdsourced, so as you’re using the site, be sure to tag entries that you’re familiar with to help us develop a base and to help others as they come to the site better use the resources that we’ve got there. You could start by tagging your own publications, or perhaps works you’ve read for your comprehensive exams, or the glossary term that you’ve added.

Forthcoming features
GXB is so much more than these few features here, and we’re working on getting everything going for users. We’re currently testing a submission system that will allow users to upload sample teaching materials and browse through what other users have uploaded — just in time for class prep for the fall semester! Watch our twitter feed (@gxbproject) for announcements about when features go live and other general news about the site.

Get the word out! 
We are excited about the possibilities that GXB has for the genre research community. Please feel free to share the site with others doing work in genre, encourage them to sign up, and feel free to provide the development team feedback on the site so that we can better serve our research community.  To keep the conversation going on Twitter, follow us (@gxbproject) and use the hashtagh #gxb for any and all genre-related discussions (not just about the website). We look forward to connecting with you!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Genre Across Borders (GXB)

  1. Great work, GxB team. Really like the idea of platforms for sharing research and understandings of genre across borders, both national and theoretical. I will help by continuing to spread the word on this through the Genre 2012 facebook page and twitter feed!

  2. Thanks on both counts, Jen! The site’s traffic is steady and growing, and we’re exciting about the continuing development we’re doing.

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