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I’m currently focusing on finishing the end of the semester, as evidenced by my relative silence on this blog in the last couple of weeks. I’m finishing three seminar research projects and teaching, including grading two essays/student and final exam presentations. In lieu of writing a lame post about how busy I am, I though I’d point you to some interesting posts I’ve come across. I haven’t had time to really write or think about them, but here is some food for thought:

What does it mean to be a digital scholar? Or to teach digital literacy? A survey of the field and where we should be looking next, via Literacy in the Digital University blog.

Hints for job seekers from Dean Dad, a blogger for Inside Higher Education.  

A bright light in the ecoblog world, Worldchanging, is closing its doors.

Steven D. Krause gets honest about a confrontation by a student about his grade.

And, just for fun – or in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of works doing research, like me – Anne Peterson wonders why Americans are so enamored with the Royal family and the newest princess-to-be, Kate Middleton.

What posts have I missed recently? Share with me some of your faves here or on Twitter – @makautry.

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