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Blogs can be such a great resource for me, often leading me to find new books or researchers interested in the same topics that I am. They’ve become critical for me to connect with ideas and current happenings in academia. I have quite a few that I’m following now, but I am definitely open to new suggestions! If you follow someone’s blog and would like to share, please do.

Here are some of the blogs in my Google Reader now:

Environmental Issues
No Impact Man
Pew Climate Blog
Cool Green Science (from The Nature Conservancy)

Academics – Interesting or related to my research
CRDM (shameless plug of my program!)
Indications (blog for Environmental Communication journal)
Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style (what my blog could be some day! AHP is phenomenal)
Just TV by Jason Mittell
Steven D. Krause
To Do: Dissertation

(Note: I’ve decided to officially call myself vegetarian, so I follow these blogs for culinary inspiration. Also because some of the bloggers feature their adorable children.)
Peas and Thank You
Kath Eats Real Food
Oh She Glows

So – who’s out there that I’m not following? What academic has an amazing blog that I am missing the boat on? Please share!

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