Another School Year Begins

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And so another summer has slipped away and the new school year looms ahead of me. This year is big – the beginning of my PhD program in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at NC State. Even though I’ve been at NCSU for the past two years working on Master’s degree (in English – concentration in Rhetoric and Composition), I’m still getting the “new school butterflies.”

I’m a nervous person by nature. The week before my wedding this summer, I could hardly sleep – I’d wake up at 3:30am, remembering that I hadn’t packed the marriage license, get up to write it on my to-do list, only to stay awake because I’d alarmed myself with all of the other tasks that I hadn’t written down yet either. But I have to remind myself: we pulled the day off without a hitch, got married, and treated our friends and family to a wonderful night that we’re still receiving compliments on. Shameless self-motivation for a moment: I made an amazing wedding happen, living in another country from my family. I CAN DO ANYTHING! And I most certainly can be successful in the CRDM.

I know a large part of being successful in graduate work is in the writing. This blog is my attempt not only to chronicle my experiences while working on my Phd, but an outlet for ideas and rough drafts of portions of essays – all in all, a way to improve my writing and embrace my writing voice.

If you are starting your PhD too, or working on it currently, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a link to your blog, and I’d be glad to follow your experiences too. One other thing I know about graduate school is that you don’t do it alone. It’s crucial to have a support network that can be empathetic and motivating.

Go Pack!!

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